Bouncing back against Washington

    Tonight we start a 3 game set with the Nationals that will close out one of the worst months in recent history for the Dodgers, and hopefully we can bounce back and break out of our losing streak.  We start out the series with one of our few bright spots, rookie Chad Billingsley taking the hill against Tony Armas.  While Billingsley did give up 5 earned runs in 5 innings his last start against the Cards, that was largely due to one bad inning, and his 2 previous starts since the all star break, he didnt allow a run.  He has looked impressive since the break, and I would look for him to improve on that, facing a lineup in which he doesn’t have to worry about the ever dangerous Albert Pujols, which he did in 2 of his last 3 starts.  Also, against tonight’s starter Tony Armas, we have a few hitters who have had lifetime success against him, Rafael Furcal (.333 in 36 ABs) and Cesar Izturis (.500 in 10 ABs). 

    We all know that we have a better team then we’ve been showing as of late.  We can just hope that something has got to give.  The Nationals really don’t have a good record, yet they have a major league high 6 game win streak now, and we aren’t really as bad as we’ve been playing, and we have a major league high 8 game losing streak.  Something has to give, and hopefully its our time to break out of this slump.  The season isnt over yet, and coming through by winning this series could help us make up some of that ground we lost. 


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